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Meet the CEO

   Heyyyyyy Queens (I’aube Babes)!  I want to thank you all for your love and supporting me! I whole heartedly appreciate each and every one of you! 😘


    First, let me introduce you to the brand “I’AUBE POUR TOUJOURS”. I’aube (Dawn) Pour Toujours (Forever), established in 2020, as a dedication to my heavenly mother, who I lost unexpectedly at the age of 48. She was and still is my everything! Chiquita “Dawn” was her name. I decided to keep her legacy alive by naming my brand after her. And baby I did! My mother inspired me to be a hairstylist in which she was also in her younger years. Watching her as a kid, I knew that would be my destiny. 


    Shante’ (not Roxanne), a travel hairstylist based in Philadelphia, PA with over 20 years of experience. My mission is to “Heal the world and make them beautiful”! I am very passionate about the beauty, hair and fashion industry. I’ve serviced many clients from woman to men and even children. I’ve also serviced cancer warriors by giving them their glow and boosting self-esteem. Also, a nurse, I’ll always be on the frontline of any of your tragedies. I promise to service you with my all.

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